Enjingi Winery

The Enjingi family celebrates 117 years of winemaking
Enjingi Winery

Wines of the Enjingi family are traditionally miraculous.

Nothing has changed their winemaking philosophy, neither history nor social and political climate in which they were made. Winemaking has always been tempted by unpredictable nature, but hard working and experienced people learned how to take advantage of it. Through the years they have established an authentic winemaking tradition.

The Enjingi family celebrates 117 years of winemaking. No matter how strongly they follow their own tradition, their success turns to be a modern guide in the whole winegrowing area.

Enjingi Winery
Enjingi Winery
Enjingi Winery

In 1890, Koloman Enjingi planted the family's first vineyard in the village of Hrnjevac, on the slopes of mount Krndija, setting the prestigious family tradition of grape growing and wine production. He passed his love for the vineyards and wine to his son Martin, and Martin did the same thing – his son Vaclav, Koloman's grandson, took over the family business. The third generation of the Enjingi family continued the family business in spite of the stormy war times. Finally, in 1957, Koloman’s great-grandson Ivan took over the family's vineyard with 2 000 vines. Year by year planting more vineyards, fighting the unfavorable social and political climate, he became the first Croatian private wine producer.

In 1972 he started selling bottled wine, instead of common practice of bulk wine sale. His strategy turned to be a success. Following his own philosophy of winemaking and his love for the nature, vineyards and wine, he continued working and creating prestigious Croatian wine brand.

"Wine is created in the vineyard"

Overlooking the valley of Požega, the vineyards of the Enjingi family today spread on 50 hectares of prime grape growing land in the Kutjevo appellation. Vineyards, with an average age of 15 years, are planted on the southern slopes of the mount Krndija, on diverse soils, from sandy loams to extremely rocky soils, which give great complexity and fine minerality to our wines. Some of the vineyards are more than 35 years old and carefully managed for the exceptional quality that old vines give. Younger vineyards are densely planted, up to 8500 vines per hectare, with every vine yielding less than one kilo of grapes, which in turn gives small berries with high sugars and concentrated flavors.

With low yields, 7-8 tons per hectare, and in special harvests less than 5 tons per hectare, we attempt to get the most from Graševina, Riesling, Zweigelt, Pinot Noir, Gewurztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Muller Thurgau grapes.

In order to make our wines to be the true expression of the land, climate and tradition, and foremost the source of pleasure and health to its consumers, all of our grapes and wines are organically produced. Favorable climate, natural richness of the soil and rational and dedicated vineyard management enables us to produce healthy grapes using only organic fertilizers and for the disease control sulphur and copper in minimum quantities.

Our winemaking philosophy follows the same principles that we use in the vineyards. We strongly believe that only organic production can express the real value of the terroir. All of our wines are fermented with natural native yeast in stainless steel tanks. Aging for several months in Slavonian oak barrels, some of which are our own production, is regular procedure for most of our wines. Richness of the soil, favorable climate, low yields, extended time of harvest, native yeast and Slavonian oak barrels is combination that gives rich, full bodied and complex wine with great aging potential. Our dry wines and dry late harvest wines will continue to develop in the bottle for at least 10 years, while our sweet special harvest wines will show all of its qualities for even a longer period.

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