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About us

About us

The creation of prirodnovino.rs has a mission to fill a gap for natural, biodynamic and organic wine lovers and for those who have interest for them.

Natural wines have increasing popularity in Serbia and Balkans,  and many new wineries are appearing with their wines on the market. Also, many conventional wineries are striving to achieve higher level of natural production- some already have organic certification and some are still in process of transition.

Prirodnovino.rs’s editorial stuff and wine experts aim to provide all the important information for natural wine lovers in order to guide them through the natural wine world.  From the on-line shop one can order from professionally and carefully stored huge selection of Serbian and international natural wines. /Natural, biodynamic and organic wine production, as well as differences between them, will be described in detail in some of the next posts on prirodnovino.rs /

Habits and trends of wine lovers worldwide are changing constantly and aiming for innovations, encouraging creative wineries to experiment and always to be on the hunt for something new. 



Many people assume that the term “natural”  wines is just a temporary flash on a shelves of a wine shop, which will soon disappear like a shooting star from the horizon of the wine universe.

On the other hand, we see that sustainable farming and additive-free wines is not a fashion product. The passed hundred years have been rather a departure from the original and healthy development path from which we should learn very much. Here should be noted that natural, biodynamic and organic wineries are not in war with conventional, industrial wineries, with whom we strive for good collegial relationship, since we all belong to same professional community.  There is a plenty of room for development for all, considering that not all of us started out as natural winemakers at current level.

We are not a trend just because the creators behind most trends can be clearly identified, because they  continuously come up with something new for the sake of higher profits. This is our life, our creed and we grow are grapes and make wines based on our convictions. Of course we also make living from this, because this is our profession and not a gold mine. Over the past 100 years, the professional foundations of viticulture and winemaking have changed, and during the 7-8 thousand years the profession and science did not make sufficient use of the potential inherent in the accumulated organic knowledge.

The winemakers here have changed that, and the result of this work is already having a full impact for activities in their field of works, but also for gastronomy and tourism.

Natural, biodynamic, organic wineries basically chose this path for two reasons:

  1. They themselves like to drink wines that show beautifully through the grapes they exploit the terroir, are made without additives, with only minimal intervention.
  2. They are passionate about nature and are only willing to cultivate their vines in the way that it is the most sustainable in terms of nature and causes the least damage in an ecosystem.

As the winemakers and their wines featured here are not ordinary, therefore prirodnovino.rs will present them in completely unique style, emphasizing nature and the man who lives and creates in it.

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