Embracing Botrytis: A Natural Winemaker's Secret Ingredient

In the world of natural winemaking, Botrytis Cinerea, affectionately known as "Noble Rot," is a gift from Mother Nature that adds a touch of magic to our craft.

Concentrated Elegance: Botrytis causes grapes to partially dehydrate, concentrating their sugars, flavors, and aromatic compounds. This natural process gives our wines unparalleled elegance and complexity.

Balanced Sweetness: Unlike adding sugar to grapes, Botrytis sweetens grapes naturally. This results in a balanced sweetness that harmonizes with the grape's acidity, creating wines that dance on your palate.

Flavor Alchemy: The development of Botrytis introduces new and intriguing flavor profiles, from honeyed notes to hints of apricot and marmalade, making each bottle a journey of discovery.

Minimal Intervention: Botrytis is a testament to minimal intervention winemaking, as it relies on the right conditions – morning mists and warm afternoons – rather than additives or manipulation.

Terroir Reflection: Botrytis, like a fingerprint, is unique to each vineyard and region, allowing us to capture and express the distinctive terroir in every bottle.
Natural Preservation: Botrytis often requires fewer sulfites due to its preserving effect, aligning perfectly with our commitment to minimal additives.

In the world of natural winemaking, Botrytis is more than a fungus; it's an essential partner in crafting wines that showcase the beauty and complexity of nature.


Authors: Arpad and Elvira Toth stand behind the scenes of Love wine and coffee - @love_wine_and_coffee. They bring you their impressions of natural wines every week. 

Photo: Arpad and Elvira Toth
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