Aleksandar Todorovic Winery

The wineyard grew with me. For as long as i can remember it has been where I belong.
Aleksandar Todorovic Winery

Our first vineyard was planted by my father in 1995, the same year that I was born. I grew up within these vineyards. I took my first steps among the rows of grapes, I played here and as the years passed I worked and learned to love winemaking. The wineyard grew with me. For as long as i can remember it has been where I belong. 


Aleksandar Todorovic Winery
Aleksandar Todorovic Winery
Aleksandar Todorovic Winery

I came to love winemaking so much that i whished to learn more about it. In my pursuit of knowledge I went to The College of Agrarian studies in Zemun, where I majored in fruit cultivation and winemaking. Grape growing and winemaking slowly transformed from a family passion, into a serious life calling. My first harvest was in 2017. It was the sign that my father, Slavisa needed for him to hand me the reigns without fear. Now with my enthusiasm I continue to build on the foundation that he built with his experience, and I remain in the constant pursuit of inovation and advancement of the winemaking field. From the very begining we remained adamant about making the best natural wine - from our own organicaly grown grapes, as we let nature decide which methods are the best.


I make all my wine by following my intuition, there are no hard rules as to how long maceration will last, or how long the wine will rest on the sediment, in the barrel or bottle... In my wine I want to display as much as possible of our nations terroir and the natural processes help me in that as I don't add anything artificial to my wine. My philosophy is simple, I help nature so that it gives me the grapes from my vineyards, which translates to the wine itself, afterall without good grapes there is no good wine! Cheers...


Our vineyards are situated in three locations arround the village of Lipovac, in the municipality of Razanj, known far and wide for its atitude towards nature and its deserved title of an ECO municipality. Our commitment is towrds organic production and the preservation of nature - for this reason we have entered the process of certification for the ECO standard. But we further strive towards a selfsustaining and biodinamic property, which we achieve through introducing aditional plant and animal species, so that we may enrich the soil, vineyards and the wine itself.

Our vineyards currently take up 3 hectares, of wich 2 and a half are in full production, and the rest are younger sapling which will bear fruit in the coming years. We believe that our highly nutritious soil can only be complimented by indingenous species of grapevine, that is why we settled on Župljanku, Prokupac, Grašac, Tamjaniku... Our main goal is to present these species of grapevine at their best, grown with natural methods so they can produce the best wine.


Honestly we believe that the best wine is made in the wineyard. For those reasons, when carfully nurtured grapes enter the wine cellar, we strive to assist the natural processes with minimal interventions using traditional methods, with little to no sulfur, following the phases of the moon and other biodinamic priciples. Then they are aged in barrels made of Serbian oak or birch wood, the aging process lasts for one to two years with periodic sedimentaion (raising of the sediment?). The old family wine cellar on our estate is has a special place in our hearts, with its authentic atmosphere. For that reason all our guest tours end with a tour of the wine cellar, where we introduce our winemaking methods and enjoy the rich and unique taste of our wine. We await your arrival.

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