12 reasons why You should drink natural wine

Wine drinkers are faced with an astounding number of options every time they consider buying a bottle or pouring a glass. While many of the choices consist of different grape varieties, origins, and formats, there are plenty more categories offered to consumers. Among them are natural wines, which seem to spark as much excitement as they do disdain. Yet, amidst the naysayers, there are many reasons why this classification is well worth diving into, according to Tastingtable.com. Although natural wine is sometimes rejected as being flawed, funky (not in a good way), and inconsistent, as with any consumer product, a range is to be expected. The fact that this style isn't fully regulated entails some outliers, but the overall quality of wine being produced should easily dispel those myths. If you're not yet convinced, we'll outline our top reasons for being avid natural wine enthusiasts and let you make the call. And if you're still on the fence? Taste a few bottles of natural wine and decide for yourself.
12 reasons why You should drink natural wine

1. Encourage small producers

2. Have more transparency about product

3. Avoid unnecessary additives

4. Enjoy more experimental styles

5. Discover unique qualities of different regions

6. Have more low alcohol options

7. A wider range of food pairings

8. Taste wine that is alive and evolving

9. Support regenerative agriculture

10. Engage in more conscious consumption

11. Greater sustainable in winery practices

12. To make a statement



12 reasons why You should drink natural wine
12 reasons why You should drink natural wine
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